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Sleep Spray Plus Sound for Better Rest

Popular interest is increasing over products like sleep spray, and where to buy sprayable sleep in the market. It is being asked about, as it may be a better approach to purchase sprayable sleep than to take melatonin pills:


A new type of natural sleep aid that combines scent and sound to beat insomnia is launched today by, the California company best-known to date for its fast-growing meditation app & web platform.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: 

The ground-breaking new sleep aid, known as Sleep Mist, contains a relaxing scent made from a special blend of lavender and other essential oils, which users can spray on their pillow to aid sleep, while listening to a bedtime story specifically designed to accompany it. Sleep Mist, Calm’s first physical product, is made in California and will be sold starting today, exclusively at (, for $29.99.

What sets Sleep Mist apart from potential competitors is its unique alliance of aromatherapy and audio therapy to create a deep, immersive experience. Users are able to inhale its calming, lavender-based scent, while listening via the Calm app to a soothing “Sleep Story” written to go with it. Lavender, a main ingredient in Sleep Mist, has been used for centuries to aid relaxation and shown scientifically to improve sleep as part of a bedtime routine.

“Insomnia is a huge global issue with over 60 million prescriptions for sleeping pills being written annually in the US alone,” said Michael Acton Smith, co-founder/co-CEO of Calm. “Mixing scent with storytelling is a powerful and natural way to help racing minds drift off to sleep.”

Calm has produced two new Sleep Stories on lavender themes to accompany the launch of Sleep Mist. Stephen Fry, the British actor, comedian, and writer, whose many credits include providing the voice-over for all seven Harry Potter audio-books, narrates one new Sleep Story called Blue Gold, set amid the famous lavender fields and sleepy villages of Provence in southern France.

Sleep Mist was developed by Calm’s innovation team which tested over 1,000 formulations before arriving at the final, perfect blend of lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and clary sage. “We went to extraordinary lengths to get every detail exactly right, even testing our prototypes on 12 different pillow cases to help create the most peaceful and restful night’s sleep imaginable,” said Calm’s Alexander Will, creator of Sleep Mist.

This marks Calm’s first foray into the world of physical products and follows the successful debut last December of “Sleep Stories”, the first bedtime tales for adults – a popular new section of the Calm app that helps users unwind before bed through not-too-interesting stories, soothing music, and breathing & mindfulness techniques. Calm users now listen to over two million Sleep Stories a month.

Sleep Stories have also played a key role in helping Calm pass the landmark figure of 11 million downloads in July, while the company’s revenue is projected to grow almost three-fold from $7M in 2016 to a projected $20M in 2017. is free to download and includes over 100 hours of meditations, soothing sleep stories, relaxing sounds and nature scenes.


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